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          • 冀衡化学
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          product name:Caustic soda (ionic membrane-process)

          product number:1483414799

          mobile phone:18503181299   18503181098

          Caustic soda (ionic membrane-process)

          Molecular formula: NaOH

          Molecular weight: 39.997

          Quality standard: GB/T99-89 for ion-process.

          Appearance: colorless transparent liquid

          Usage: the product is basic industrial material, which is commonlyused in fabric, metallurgy, petrol, chemistry, engineering, wood nationaldefence industry. Caustic soda made in ion-process is high pure product withthe advantage of high concentration and low salt content, which belongs toimportant basic industrial material and can be used in manufacture of rayon,synthetic fibre, sodium cyanide, medicine, paper etc.

          Standard containers: bulk tank cars, bulk tank trucks.

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