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          product name:Hydrochloric acid

          product number:1483414879

          mobile phone:18503181299   18503181098

          Hydrochloric acid

          Molecular formula: HCl

          Molecular weight: 36.5

          Quality standard: GB320-93 for ordinary HCland HG/T2778-1996 for high-concentration HCl.

          Usage: it is a basic industrial raw material, which is used tomanufacture organic and inorganic chloride in chemicals industry, to drill anddistill rare metal in metallurgy, to apply in plating, etching and metalsurface cleaning, to synthesize pharmaceutical and dye etc. High-concentrationHCl is used to adjust PH, to manufacture medicine, monosodium glutamate andsauce, to hydrolyze starch producing alcohol and glucose, to accelerate thehydrolyzation of bleacher in weave industry. 

          Container: bulk PVC/FRP car or bulk PE drum.

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